Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Hi :)

Today is one of those mystical breezy days here in Tucson, complete with warm gusts of wind, swirling leaves, and the subtle presence of spring lingering in the air. What a day. That alone makes it good!

In view of the general lightheartedness of today, I want to write something lighthearted. Mostly because, well, I just want to. So there. :) I think I feel free, something like the wind messing up my hair. It's days like these where I look around and just sense that there is a lot in life to feel good about. Perhaps my inner idealist is showing, but I really think that. It might not be readily apparent, but it's very easy for me to sink into ways of thinking that focus on what is deep and hard and conflicting about life. There's something in this heart that relishes the pained depth of the soul because there's a triumphant kind of beauty about struggling and fighting through life...and winning. But days like today remind me that sometimes it's just good to be, well, good. It's good to laugh, to be simple-hearted, to look at a flower and smile because it's beautiful, good to be with friends for no other purpose than just enjoying their company, good to take it a little slower...just good. There doesn't always have to be a reason for things, or at least we don't always have to understand it. Sometimes life just is. I like that about life today.

I get tunnel vision sometimes. Today I woke up and thought about some of the "tunnels" under construction in my life currently and suddenly didn't care about them so much. I may have even laughed aloud. I like bungee cord moments like that where you snap back to reality :)

So anyway, I found this picture the other day and I adored it. Maybe it will make you smile too.

(from, found via google images)