Monday, March 18, 2013

Music Break: Radical Face

Sunrise is one of my very favorite times of day. It carries a thousand words in the warm, gentle rise of hope. It reminds me that His mercies are made new every morning. There is an essence to the rise of the sun, a simplicity, a quiet joy.

So good morning.

I've written several drafts of what will probably be my next blog post. I have learned a lot, and continue to learn, about honoring other people. My heart softens at the prospect, and I have a thousand undistilled thoughts on the matter. I can't quite capture them in a clear tint, so they remain unexpressed.

In the meantime, music. You may have heard Radical Face's main hit, "Welcome Home." There are very few bands I love wholly, and admittedly I haven't made that proclamation about Radical Face yet. But I also haven't spent a ton of time with them. The following is a song of theirs that I absolutely adore. It's called "Doorways." Enjoy!

Have a great morning and a truly wonderful day!