Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Music Break: The Civil Wars

I've been dreadfully absent these last months. And not just a topical kind of absence, the kind where I laugh and say, "I haven't written in my blog," but a deeper absence. Mentally and emotionally. Busy. It's that feeling when people ask you, "How are you doing?" and you want to answer thoroughly, but realize that you aren't even entirely sure how you've been doing. So you mutter something about being fine, and maybe rattle off a couple of recent life events, but the question sticks. How am I doing? 

Grad school isn't the place to encourage wandering soul-searches, as much as I am wont to do them. I don't picture my colleagues smiling and nodding about abstract spiritual musings or what I'm learning about humility. And so the soul just goes a bit dry for awhile. In looking forward to traveling this Christmas, I realize I'm also very much looking forward to coming up for air. 

Here is an old favorite band of mine, and one of their more recent songs. It's a picture of invited vulnerability. As a girl and still as a grown woman, I've always pictured life and all of our ordinary daily relationships as great adventures, passionate demonstrations of self-sacrifice. This song touches the part of me invites depth into the everyday. And c'mon, it's the Civil Wars. 

Safe holiday travel, friends.